Kathryn Lynne Photography

443-844-2352 kathy@houseofredbird.com

Award winning wedding and lifestyle photographer Kathryn Lynne has been lauded as one of the area's top documentary photographers. Awarded the Arthur Remonjon Inspiration Award, multiple NACE National Team Event of the Year Awards and Wedding Wire's Excellence in Photography, Kathy is a leader in her genre.
From her lips . . .
"I was born into a house of love. Didn't choose it, but I am grateful. After training to be a teacher of writing and literature and spending eight years in the public high school classroom, then retiring to raise and homeschool my own eight children, I've realized that I am responsible to create a life that brings me joy and passion. House of RedBird is the culmination of my hopes and dreams. Still photography, writing and film production are my tools to capture and reflect the beauty of life. The reality is that the struggle makes the man, and my daily choices involve pulling others along side me as we journey our days, teaching my kids to invest in themselves and making a practice of choosing from a place of love, not fear . . .this is my mission.
Life is precious. I'm only guaranteed today. And I'd rather fail at something I LOVE than succeed at something I could take or leave. And photography, well, I sure do love it. So, that's my story in a nutshell.
I. love. life.
And I'm busy creating a life I love.